FAAM has a complex structure which reflects both the fact that it is jointly owned and staffed by NERC and the Met Office, and the wide range of operational and technical roles which it must play.

The latest structure of FAAM internally is contained in pdf Structure of Faam which also shows contact details for all FAAM staff.

FAAM itself is then overseen by:

  • The FAAM Operations Committee, which advises the Head of FAAM on operational priorities and approves the main programme.
  • The two owners and funding bodies: NERC (represented by the Director of the National Centre for Atmospheric Sciences based at NCAS HQ in Leeds, and the Head of Airborne Research Facilities based at NERC HQ in Swindon), and the Met Office (representated by the Head of Observation Based Research based at Met Office HQ in Exeter).
  • The FAAM Board.

Direct management of FAAM is via NCAS, with the Head of FAAM reporting to the Director of NCAS.

Further support and advice is also provided by a series of subject matter working groups whose mandate is to direct the facility's capability in specific fields. Each working group contains a mixture of Met Office and University subject specialists, and FAAM staff.