Airborne Research Interferometer Evaluation System

An upward and downward-pointing infrared interferometer producing high resolution spectra covering wavenumbers from 550cm-1 to 3000cm-1 mounted in the aft position in the radiometer blister.

FAAM CORE Radiometers, performing total, red and infrared upwelling/downwelling radiation measurements

FAAM NON-CORE - RDR-4B Navigation Weather X-band Radar

Heimann KT 19.82 instrument with pyro electric.

LWIR Camera with Real Time Imaging Electronics (RTIE)

International Sub-Millimetre Airborne Radiometer

Microwave Airborne Radiometer Scanning System (MARSS)

A scanning microwave radiometer operating at AMSU-B channels 16-20 (89-183GHz) and pointing both upward and downward.

Used for satellite intercomparisons, radiative transfer model validation, temperature and humidity profiling, column liquid water retrievals, precipitation, ice cloud and surface emissivity studies, etc.

FAAM NON-CORE Mini-Lidar Leosphere ALS450


SWS - Short Wave Spectrometer

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