FAAM are committed to supporting the science aims of the research community by installing new or upgraded instrumentation to either support specific scientific campaigns or to improve the core instrumentation and services provided by FAAM.


"New instruments" in fact covers a broad spectrum of equipment, such as bespoke cabin mounted chemistry instruments, data logging equipment, instruments supplied by specialist manufacturers, instruments mounted on hard-points and windows, complete instrument packages designed by approved aircraft design companies, instruments designed and built at universities, etc. Whatever the provenance of the new instrument is, all instruments fitted to the aircraft must go through an Airworthiness Approval Process, to check that the instrument presents no hazards to the aircraft and it's occupants.

The exact nature of the Approval Process will vary depending on the project.
Since the aircraft is owned by BAE Systems, who are also the aircraft's Design Authority, it is to be expected that they are involved in all projects installing new instruments. However, it is possible for other companies with the relevant qualifications to provide approval for instruments, e.g. by designing, building and certifying (with a Form 1 certificate) an instrument for the aircraft.

Project Management

All new installations are managed by FAAM. Please contact FAAM's Technical Manager in the first instance. The Projects Space section of the website will be used to exchange documents relevant to the installation.



Timescales for a New Instrument or an Instrument Upgrade

The timetable for projects will vary according to their complexity, but as guidance:
  • ideally contact FAAM with the proposed installation at least 6 months prior to the proposed installation
  • an Instrument Requirement Definition is required at least 3 months prior to the proposed installation
  • a draft Technical Specification of Scientific Equipment is requred at least 2 months prior to the proposed installation
  • a final Technical Specification of Scientific Equipment is requred at least 1 month prior to the proposed installation
  • the instrument needs to be completed to allow an Airworthiness Inspection to take place at least 2 weeks prior to the proposed installation


The fit of a new or upgraded instrument is project managed by FAAM. A Statement of Requirement is produced by FAAM to list the work required during the ARA Modification Process (AMP - formally known as Role Change), see Configurations for information on the AMP.


Before BAE Systems can start any work, including production of a quotation for work on an instrument, FAAM must provide an instruction to start work and financial enabling. In order for the financial management of the work to take place, the Statement of Requirement for an AMP must be finalised 2 months before the start of the work. Any additional instrument requirements will not be considered if presented after this 2 month cut-off.

Repairing an instrument can require an update to the technical information for that instrument and hence an AMP will be needed to recertify the instrument. This can typically occur where an exact replacement of a broken component cannot be found, resulting in the need to replace the component with something new. This could occur within the 2 month limit mentioned above.


Instrument Information


Documents providing information on the new instrument will be provided in the Project Space page of this website. In some cases this information will be restricted to either Account holders of the website or to just those persons involved in the project itself.
There are two main documents which describe the new instrument:

Instrument Application Form (IAF)

This provides a first look at the proposed installation or modification and allows FAAM and the relevant Design Authority to plan the airworthiness and installation process. In return for the information in the IAF, you will received a ROM quote and eventually and purchase order from FAAM.
Please complete the IAF form and send to FAAM's Technical Manager.
IAF Form: document AMP Instrument Application Form (28 KB)

Technical Specification of Scientific Equipment (TSSE)

This provides a complete description of the instrument and is the main resource for the airworthiness process.
Please complete the TSSE form and send to FAAM's Technical Manager.


Help and Advice

Contact Steve Devereau, FAAM Technical Manager for more information.
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +44 (0) 1234 754523