Access to the Aircraft on the Ramp (for pre flight and flight access)
Last updated 4 Jan 2016 15:05L


To be allowed unescorted access to the aircraft on the ramp, before and after a flight, you will require:

1) A valid Directflight pass

2) A valid Cranfield Airfield pass (issued, if required, with a new Directflight pass and to current holders)

3) Have been given a Ramp Safety Brief by Directflight Operations staff.


Other visitors can be escorted by Airtask Operations, or other staff who fulfil requirements 1) and 2) above, AFTER they ...

3) Have been given a Ramp Safety Brief by Airtask Operations staff.


New Directflight and Cranfield Airport passes can be collected from the Airtask Operations office in Building 146 @ Cranfield during office hours (0900L-1700L) or from four hours ahead of take-off on a flying day. Phone 01234 75 4870 to check someone will be available when you expect to arrive.



Access to the Aircraft (for Work In the Hangar)
(to be read in conjunction with Access to Aircraft Interim Procedures, see below)
Last updated 7 May 2014 12:05L

The form linked below is for people intending doing work on an instrument or rack on the aircraft in the hangar.
If you are only going to be given a tour, have an introduction to headsets etc in advance of an experience flight, etc, you DO NOT have to complete this form. Do contact FAAM Ops to let us know to expect you.


As a visiting scientist you need to fill in the electronic form at

You can request access for long periods of time if you are down for a project or just for a few hours using the start and end date/time.  Please list names of instruments or racks you anticipate working on and a brief outline of that work.

Please note that the email box at the end is for your email address, not ours, and is a required field.

On submitting your form you will be directed to

You should see your request with a “Pending...” in the approved column. This will give you proof of your application. The form will be approved by FAAM and passed to Airtask to allow you access the following day. If you check this link at 4pm the day before your scheduled visit you should be approved. If not please contact FAAM.

On arrival at Cranfield proceed to the Avalon Aero offices, if this is your first time using this new process come to Building 146 and you will be shown where to go.  Make sure you bring photo ID as you will need it to sign for your fob.  This only allows access to the hangar.  It must be returned after work or you will be fined £15 by Avalon Aero to cover costs.

To access the BAe-146 you will need to proceed through Avalon’s hangar first.  Please turn right once in this hangar and only follow the red walkway around the perimeter, unless expressly told otherwise by the information board just inside the door.  Please be aware this is a working hangar and act appropriately.  Make your way to the BAe-146 hangar and report to the Avalon Aero Engineering Office, where you will have to sign in, have a short briefing and hand over relevant documentation pertaining to your work.

Any risk assessments, safe systems of work or best practice/guidance documents must be bought for reissue on your first visit.  You must make these documents available to FAAM and Avalon prior to work commencing.

On completing your work you will need to report to the Avalon Aero Engineering Office and sign out.  Before you leave the building please remember to hand back your fob or be charged for the pleasure.

This process will be refined as we move forward so if you find something unworkable or can think of a more elegant solution please let FAAM know.



Interim Aircraft Access Procedure

Last updated 4 Jan 2016 15:07L

(still incomplete information until the new pass procedure is clarified)


  1. Access to G-LUXE in Hangar 1
    1. FAAM staff will have access to the aircraft during the normal working
      Flying Days: 0730 to 1700 or by prior agreement.
      Non-Flying Days: 0900-1700 or by agreement.

    2. For all other Authority staff access requirements:
      a) Request for access is made to FAAM using the aircraft access form. FAAM approves work planned and passes information to Airtask Ops. If Airtask Ops are unavailable the form should be forwarded to the Airtask Ground Operations Manager for approval
      b) The completed form should normally be sent to Avalon by 1600 on the day before access is required.

    3. They must proceed from the FAAM labs directly through the hangar, turning right after entering Hangar 1 and following the wall at all times, to the Avalon engineering office.

    4. All FAAM staff and visiting personnel must report to the Avalon engineering office and sign in. During this sign-in procedure Avalon Aero will be advised as to the purpose of the aircraft access.
    5. On signing everyone that has not been previously briefed will receive a briefing on local H&S issues.
    6. On finishing work everyone must sign out.


These access procedures are accompanied with the following notes.

A.1.      FAAM will be working under the supervision, not being escorted by Avalon for ‘general’ work on the aircraft. Any other work that is not ‘general’ or not covered by Avalon H&S systems, such as calibrations, working on pylon instrument requires a risk assessment. These documents are to be kept at the front of the aircraft until the Avalon engineering office is built. Avalon will have seen these documents.

A.2.a)  The exact method for pass allocation has not been decided as yet.

A.3. All FAAM staff have been given an induction brief on the hangar. They have also been given a brief on fire exits. This brief will be given to visitors in due course, the names of all inducted persons kept in the Avalon engineering office.

A.4.      An in/out board will be in place for FAAM staff rather than a sign in sheet. This should save time and effort for everyone.

A.5.  Anyone coming to visit but not working on the aircraft, ie for a tour or familiarisation training does not need to apply for access as long as they are escorted by someone from FAAM and receive a safety brief from either the escort or someone from Avalon.

B.         The procedure for this will be decided on at a later date. The effort at the moment needs to be in getting FAAM back to work on the aircraft as normally as possible