H&S Policy

NERC is by law required to produce a policy for health and safety that is signed by the chief executive. This lays down the intent, organisation and arrangements that are in place to ensure health and safety within the organisation and for other parties who might be affected by its activities.

As part of NERC, FAAM mirrors NERC's Health and safety policy. This policy applies to all activities undertaken by FAAM.

pdf FAAM Health and Safety Policy (17 KB) pdf
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The FAAM policy is supplemented by procedures, guidance and forms which where possible link back to NERC's own procedures, available at the link below:


FAAM-specific procedures and guidance are summarised in the menu to the right.

Accident Reporting

For FAAM staff to report an accident, incident or near-miss, use NERC's online form (you need a NERC login for this)