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Forecast Charts

UK Met Office (UKMO) North Atlantic surface pressure charts (via Wetterzentrale)
T+00 Analysis T+24 Forecast T+36 Forecast
T+48 Forecast T+60 Forecast T+72 Forecast
T+84 Forecast T+96 Forecast T+120 Forecast

UK Met Office Charts (in colour) from Met Office Homepage to day 3
UK Met Office Charts (black/white) from Metbrief to day 5
Forecast from Meteoblue
ManUniCast UK Weather & Air Quality Forecasting Teaching Portal
RASP Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction

Charts for Europe as well as the rest of the world

Satellite Pictures

Hourly images from the UK Met Office (note timestamp is UTC) Visible Infra-Red

Useful products derived from satellite images

Radar Pictures

Surface Observations

Other Model Products

Atmospheric Soundings

Meteograms (Probabilistic site specific forecasts)

Chemistry and Air Quality



Pages well worth looking through

National Met Service Homepages

UK Met Office NOAA NWS World Meteorological Organisation Irish Meteorological Service Deutscher Wetterdienst - Germany
Dutch Meteorological Service Instituto de Meteorologia - Portugal Spanish Meteorological Service Belgian Meteorological Service

Meteo France MeteoSwiss Norwegian Meteorological Service Icelandic Meteorological Office